jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015

Watch netflix from fedora 20

In this page you will find all the necessary steps to perform that

Just one thing to add, in my case i had have problems with wine version, so I've desinstalled and installed again using the new repo added that is specified in the link that i leave.

Furthermore, I've installed chrome from this link  and add the addin the the link said and run netflix from them without problems. :)

I've put the sequences of commands I've executed and those are:

1. Install pipeligth-selinux, which is asked as prerequisete to install pipelight
#dnf install ./pipelight-selinux-0.2.1-2.fc21.noarch.rpm

2. As pipelight is in the repository so just execute this
#dnf -y install pipelight

3. For second time in firefox didn't work and it worked in chrome so used the link above for installing chrome and the below to add the addin necessary to play netflix without problem.


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